21st Century oncology drug development

Current approaches to cancer drug development are inherently incomplete.

Current approaches to cancer drug development assess compounds through a limited number of assay readouts that do not capture the full complexity of cancer biology.

Functional screens, chemical binding modeling, and even the latest molecular biology advances in functional genomics are only half-measures that approximate the impact of a drug on cancer biology.

Meliora believes this confluence of factors contributes to a lack of understanding of the true mechanism-of-action (MOA) for compounds being developed and brought forward into clinical studies.

Thus, low potency and unexpected toxicity are common in cancer drug trials, contributing to an unacceptably low success rate in the clinic.

Meliora brings a fundamentally novel approach to bear on this problem.

Meliora derives a comprehensive picture of how drugs interact with cancer biology, i.e. their functional fingerprint, by combining bio-functional readouts from numerous modalities using cutting edge machine learning and other computational techniques.

Thus, for the first time, Meliora speaks a digital language that matches the full complexity of cancer biology, from genetics to cellular activity onward. This deep understanding of cancer biology and drug mechanisms unlocks superpowers. Using our platform, Meliora is able to identify strong starting scaffolds for a variety of drug development approaches and cancer types. 


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